Last Work Day

Today was the last work day for our season in Polis this summer. I finished cataloging the last few sherds while Bill worked on collecting and cleaning up our data. Tomorrow when we get to Larnaka, we will have a data swap so that Bill, Brandon, and I all have a copy of the latest databases, as well as copies of all photos. After finishing up the cataloging, I put up trays, returned artifacts to their proper location, and broke down our pottery sorting tables. All in all, it was a successful season. I feel that we accomplished our original goals for the season, as well as collecting a lot of useful data – not always the case.

It was a short morning, so I spent the rest of the day packing, and trying to keep my luggage as light as possible – I even brought a luggage scale with me to help avoid overweight baggage fees, if possible. We settled up our bills for the hotel and are pretty well set for a return to Larnaka tomorrow morning early, so we will have time for us to run a few errands – like scanning some data sheets, etc.



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