Pottery All-Day

So today we made a big push on the pottery analysis. Instead of breaking in the middle of the day, Bill and I stayed at the apotheke and worked straight through from 7:00 AM-6:00 PM – with a short break for a mixed sandwich (ham, lountza, bacon, halloumi, tomatoes, and cucumbers) and some fries. We were able to get through most of what we need to analyze (12 of the 13 trays) – so that means we will not be scrambling to finish before we leave on Wednesday. The pottery was interesting to look at, and full of surprises when compared to other levels – we saw a lot of different types of ceramics that we had not seen this season so far. First, there was a lot of Cypriot Red Slip (a Late Roman fineware) in every box, and several forms or shapes that are not common on Cyprus. The other thing we noticed was that the levels we were examining had a lot of domestic items – pots, sieves, frying pan handles, etc. Despite being a long day, it was actually pretty exciting.




A Cooking Pot Lid





A Sieve


A Phocaean Red Slip Rim (Form 3) – a very nice one


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