A Little More Pottery

crs2photoYesterday, Bill realized that there was an excavation level that we had not analyzed yet. When we went to the aisle to see how much pottery this level had, we noticed it had 12 trays – each of which has 4 boxes. So, we have a bit of work to do if we are going to be done by Wednesday morning when we leave for Larnaka. Usually in the afternoons we do not go back to the apotheke, but work on databases, writing, etc. – but yesterday we decided to go back in to start this level. While I have to admit that it was a little disappointing not to be closer to completing our work for the season, opening these pottery boxes is a little like Christmas for a person who is strange enough to like working with ceramics. These boxes were fantastic. Well, fantastic if you like Late Roman fine wares, which I do. They were crammed full of Cypriot Red Slip sherds – known as CRS. It was really quite amazing. The other boxes I have looked at this summer, usually have several pieces of CRS mixed in with lots of other sherds- a really good box (in the CRS sense) maybe had 10 pieces. The first box we opened in this level had about 25 CRS sherds and it was the same for the following boxes – it was like a CRS explosion! It was only after writing that sentence that I realized how strange this excitement over CRS sherds makes me seem.

CRS photo

A box lid with just the CRS sherds separated out from the rest of the sherds in the box


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