Mystery Artifact #2

ml2photoToday was another day in the apotheke working through context boxes full of pottery. It is the last day of the week for us, tomorrow is a day off for the project. On my day off, I plan to help my colleague from IUP (Bev Chiarulli) who is on the island conduct a test run of her GPR. We plan to do this in the afternoon, so I can use tomorrow morning for catching up on various projects I have been putting off. The one intriguing artifact we ran across today was a base with a pool of glass in it. The vessel was not glazed, but looked like it had liquid glass poured into it that was then allowed to cool. It also does not look like the base had glass in it that melted when the ceramic vessel was burnt – there are no burning marks on the vessel. It is puzzling. I wanted to have a closer view of the glass, but my magnifying visor was broken on the trip over. Then I remembered an app I have on my iPhone (Magnifying Glass with Light) which allowed me a closer view and the ability to take a closeup photo. I have to remember that there is always an app for every situation.



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