A Type of Fieldwork

Since I would like to use IUP’s new  Leica ScanStation C10 to scan the archaeological site at Polis, I was a bit dismayed to see how overgrown the site was when we arrived last week. Due to some financial constraints, we decided to take a shot at clearing out some of the brush and weed ourselves. So this morning at 6:00 AM Bill, Tina, and myself headed down to the site, collected a few hand tools, and started trying to clear the site. What I found worked best was the hand sickle – it felt a bit incongruous to be using a hand tool that was developed prior to the Neolithic period to clear the site so that we can use a 3D laser scanner. The two bits of good news was the 1) nobody injured themselves (I had money on Bill being the first one hurt); and 2) the foreman showed up with a weed whacker and cleared the small stuff while we took care of the larger bushes/weeds that the weed whacker couldn’t cut down. As Bill said (5 times), the basilica cleans up well.


Above – The Site Before Cleaning, at 6:00 AM


The Site After Cleaning ~ 4 hours later


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