Settling in Polis

photo5Today was our first day in Polis. Since we have arrived before most of the people who will be working at Polis this summer, I won’t be able to start looking at the pottery until probably Tuesday or so. So today and tomorrow are days that we are using to prepare for the season here at Polis. Bill has been working on the Polis database and keying notebooks. I have been working on converting some of PKAP’s scanned pottery forms into a better digital format for publication. I have also spent some time working on my ceramics bibliography making sure it is up to date and organized properly. The difference between Polis and Larnaka is pretty amazing. The weather here has been cool, the high was 77 degrees farenheit (about 8 degrees cooler than Larnaka), with an expected low tonite of 61. It has also been a bit overcast with a nice breeze, that has sometimes had strong gusts.


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