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Today was our last day in Larnaca to finish prepping things for Brandon when he arrives next week. We spent most of the morning washing pottery, and it finally started to be a bit ……. monotonous. We did notice some intriguing items among the drying pottery. There were several very nice miniatures and a black glaze base with stamped impressions of palm leaves. It will be interesting to see what the cataloging of these items says about Pyla-Vigla and its use.


blog P1020363After washing pottery, we moved 22 crates of pottery back into one of the storerooms and tried to make everything look nice and neat. This is often a difficult task for us and the storerooms often look like a disaster. The museum staff had done such a nice job of cleaning up all the storerooms and organizing everything that we really tried to do a better job than usual in cleaning up, and since we were not pressed for time, we did…I think.

blog P1020362Tomorrow we head out to Polis to continue our work from the last two seasons on a Late Roman/Early Byzantine basilica. I picked up our rental car this afternoon and the task for tomorrow will be to see if we can fit all our gear into it. The Leica ScanStation C10 I brought to use to laser scan the basilica takes up a lot of space and our rental car is, well… tiny. Really, really tiny. On the bright spot, it will be cooler and less crowded in Polis.


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