Day One at the Museum

So, today Bill Caraher and I began work on the PKAP portion of our season. We visited the Larnaka District  Archaeological Museum and met with the staff, and picked up the keys for its satellite storage facility, Terra Ombra – where our material is stored. Once we arrived, it was apparent that the museum staff had been doing a lot of work out there, everything was very neat and organized – which is not exactly how PKAP rolls. Our primary goal for the P1020327PKAP study season is to pull, wash (if needed), pre-sort, and weigh the Hellenistic ceramics for Brandon Olson to look at when he arrives on the island in a couple of weeks. The units we are looking at came from a large pottery dump excavated last season that appears to have been a clean-up of some sort – lots of the pots have burning. So, we first located the fruit crates containing the appropriate bags of pottery and moved the to a central processing location. In all, we moved 27 crates, each weighing about 25-30 pounds. Once we did that, we then started pre-sorting the material by pulling out all of the diagnostic sherds and weighing the remaining nondiagnostic sherds, utility and cooking wares. We were able to process 4 crates this morning, about 61 kilograms of material. While it is a small start, we still have 5/6 of the material to process, there are some intriguing patterns emerging.

P1020329This afternoon after we returned to the hotel, the sky clouded up and it cooled off a bit and was windy. Very unusual weather for Cyprus. Hopefully over the weekend I can begin looking for unusual flavors of potato chips to try so that I can continue my research in that growing field. A quick look around the local periptero was not encouraging, I mainly saw the flavors from last year. We are planning on going to a grocery store this weekend, so maybe I will have better luck there.


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