Getting Acclimated

Today was a down day to catch up on things after my travel to Cyprus. Surprisingly, jet lag has not been a problem. I was able to catch up on some research work and some departmental work, so it was a productive day. I also spent some time walking around the Larnaka waterfront and noticed very few changes, almost all of the stores and restaurants are still there. In fact, the were some additions, most noticeably a place where you can sit and put your feet in a tank for fish to cleanse and massage.

I also managed to find time to have an excellent souvlaki for lunch, as usual, and all in all it was actually a sort of relaxing day. This past semester was a bit hectic and it is nice to be able to slow down and catch my breath. Bill arrived tonite, and we will head out to the museum tomorrow morning to start processing our ceramics from last year.



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