More on PKAP Airfleet

So, today I practiced a bit more with the PKAP Drones. First, I used the Parrot AR Drone. It has been suggested to me that it would be cool to have the Parrot fly over our departmental graduation ceremony Saturday and videotape the crowd. While I am sure the suggestion was made in jest, for a few minutes I considered it. At least until I slammed into the garage door at a pretty high rate of speed. For a moment I thought we were reenacting the crash of the helikite. Fortunately, the Parrot is pretty well protected and fairly tough. I shot a short video just to see what it looks like.


I also practiced with the PKAP Drone 2 – a Phantom DGI quadcopter. The Phantom has the capability to carry a GoPro3 camera, which arrived today. I have been very impressed with the camera, even though I have only just started using it. I will say that flying the Phantom is a bit tricky. It ended up on the ground upside down quite a few times. It is clearly a bit more complicated that I expected and will take a lot more practice before I attach the camera to it.


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