PKAP Airfleet


The world famous PKAP airfleet tripled in size today. For several years, the mainstay of the fleet has the PKAP Airship 1, a helikite, which had several memorable flights a few years ago. If you do not remember the fantastic photos that one camera took before plummeting to its destruction, you might want to read my prior post on this topic. Anyway, today PKAP Drone 1 and PKAP Drone 2 arrived.

The PKAP Drone 1 is a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 that can be controlled by an iPad or iPhone. I have to admit that it was easy to set up and fly. It was as simple as charging the battery and then putting the battery in the unit. It was very easy to start flying and iPad app worked well. My ability to control it needs some work, but it seemed to be getting better and better. The Parrot has a camera for streaming video and taking photos. So far, I have not had the chance to fly it over something interesting, but the photos appear crisp. Tomorrow I’ll introduce the PKAP Drone 2.



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