Preparing for Cyprus

So, Cyprus has really sneaked (or snuck) up on me this year. I leave for Cyprus in 8 days.  As usual, I have an issue that I am trying to deal with. This year it is baggage. I was fortunate to be part of a team at IUP that wrote a successful NSF MRI grant, and part of that grant was a Leica ScanStation C10. I am very excited about being able to bring it to Cyprus this year. leicaThe drawback is that it is heavy and has several unwieldy components, like sturdy tripods. I used to fly British Air to Cyprus, but it looks like they have cut back on flights to the island and it would take 2 days to get there. As a result, I looked for a different airline and settled on US Air. I called US Air and spoke to them about my luggage issue, and they were less than helpful. It seems that if I had scuba equipment, golf clubs, archery equipment, etc. – they have special allowances, but for my stuff they are going to charge the maximum. I even tried explaining how important this was, but the agent kept reading their official policies to me and  certainly was not willing to explore creative solutions. So, I will need to spend the week trying to figure out various configurations of luggage to see if I can cut the cost down.


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