About a week ago, articles started appearing about a joint venture by Google and Pearson to create a new learning management system. The Chronicle reported that the new LMA will be:

  • “a free LMS that combines standard course-management tools with advanced social networking and community-building, and an open architecture that allows instructors to import whatever material they want, from e-books to YouTube videos. The program will launch through Google Apps for Education, a very popular e-mail, calendar, and document-sharing service that has more than 1,000 higher-education customers, and it will be hosted by Pearson with the intent of freeing institutions from the burden of providing resources to run it.”

At IUP, we have made recent transitions from WebCT to Moodle and are now making the change to D2L. It has been a very hectic and trying experience to make these transitions. I wonder if there is any chance for IUP to take advantage of this?


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