PKAP and Google

Well, the PKAP senior staff (Bill, David, and myself) had our annual fall planning meeting. Over the years we have used a variety of methods to hold the meeting. Our very very first one was at my house and involved Bill and David driving over. Once Bill took a position at the University of North Dakota, we had to find another way to hold a meeting. We first used a simple three-way telephone conference. Then we tried holding a meeting in Second Life. That was interesting and allowed us to keep a transcript of the chat. One year we tried Adobe Connect, but had lots of feedback issues. This year we used the video hangout feature in Google +. This actually worked quite well. The video and audio were clear, and we looked at documents and spreadsheets in Google Docs. Having more than one monitor was a big help here, since it allowed me to keep the chat up on one screen and the Google Docs on another. It certainly seemed to me at least, to be the best way that we have held our annual PKAP planning meeting so far.


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  1. Richard Rothaus says:

    I’ve used ooVoo with good results. I been part of GoToMeeting setups and have had problems.

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