Trying to Relax

For this week, I took my family to NC to visit my in-laws and have a short family vacation. When I told people that I was going to IMG_0399take a brief family vacation, some people said things like, “But, you just got back from a vacation to Cyprus, why do you need another?” I have to admit that this frustrates me since it means that they see my trip to Cyprus not as me doing research, but as me taking a relaxing trip to the Mediterranean. I guess if I was going to Cyprus to look through archives, my colleagues would better understand it – while archaeology seems to baffle them. The other frustrating thing is that nobody can seem to remember that I went to Cyprus, instead I am constantly fielding questions about how the economic crisis in Greece affected my time there.

IMG_0400Anyway, I am determined to try and relax and get ready for the upcoming academic year. So, for some reason, I took the family to Wrightsville Beach this morning. A good choice since it was crowded and the temperature today hit 99 degrees, with a heat index of 105. Smart move on my part. Anyway, we went and had lunch at what I think is the best hot dog place I have ever had a hotdog at – The Trolley Stop. It is usually packed with people [the last time I was there the line was out the door], today we must have timed it just right, there were only 3 people in line. As usual, it did not disappoint, but was very, very good. I recommend the All the Way hot dogs – deli mustard, chili, onions & slaw.

As a follow-up though, when I got home I read a CNN story on the dangers of hot dogs………but you know what, I will still eat there when I get the chance.


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