Summer Ending

As July starts to come to an end, I begin to think about the fall semester…..and wince when I realize how much I have to do to complete my summer to-do list, which was constructed back in May when I had the whole summer stretching out in front of me. One area I need to focus on is how my university is planning to handle the budget cuts and what that means for me, my colleagues, and our students. I always feel a bit out of my depth in this regard since administrators often seem to have a completely different take on university-related issues, and it is usually one I really do not understand. I spent some time searching the web and saw a Chronicle’s Wired article on university governance which referenced a new book tackling the issue of what is wrong with higher education and deciding that the blame should be placed on university administrators.  The book, The Fall of the Faculty: The Rise of the All-Administrative University and Why it Matters, it is available for the Kindle, so I will be reading it this week to see what it says.


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