Bumper Car Sighting

So, I went down to Larnaka today to pick up Brandon at the airport and get ready for a PKAP day at the museum tomorrow. We still have some illustrating and cataloguing that needs to be done, so hopefully that can be finished tomorrow, or it will have to wait until the last few days before we leave the island. After dinner, Brandon and I walked down to the water to check out this year’s Cataclysmos. Being Thursday, it was not very crowded, but there was a red full moon out over the water, so it was a pleasant experience. It took 10 minutes to walk from one end of it to the other with booths along both sides. The big worry was that the place where the bumper cars usually were was taken up by a beach café. It looked like no bumper cars at all, a very sad proposition  – it can’t be Cataclysmos without bumper cars, right? Fortunately, we found them at the end of the line of booths with the other rides……All was right with the world.


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