Short Break

On Thursday Bill and I went down to Larnaka and met up with two other members of PKAP, David Pettegrew and Dallas Deforest. It was amazing, in the 10 days we had been gone, the city as almost completed getting ready for the Cataclysmos – a festival on Cyprus that lasts a day or two in most Cypriot town and villages, but in Larnaka lasts almost three weeks. The waterfront takes on a fair like appearance, with food vendors and games of chance lining about the entire downtown beach area.

On Friday, we went to Nicosia and meet with the Director of the Cypriot Department of Antiquities and discussed our publication plans for PKAP, as well as making some tentative plans for future work on our site. We did not stay in Nicosia long because it was very hot, it eventually reached 102 Fahrenheit and it certainly felt like it. So we headed back to Polis and David and Dallas came with us to see what we are working on in Polis. Along the way we stopped at Zygi and had a great lunch – salad, bread, dips, calamari, octopus, and french fries. The restaurants at Zygi are all along the water and you get to sit outside under an awning and relax in the breeze off the Mediterranean.

Anway, work is continuing at the apotheke. The mice are still racing between the aisles ofscott pottery pottery and they have been joined by a new partner – a wolf spider – basically the largest, hairiest spider I have ever seen outside of a zoo. It was several inches wide and looked like a tarantula. It was climbing on the walls but disappeared into the pottery trays before I could take a picture of it. I guess I know why the mice are always running around, trying to stay away from it.

Since my potato chip scores have been so low, I went back to an old favorite – Lays Prawn Cocktail – and as always, they scored a **********10 out of 10.


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