Shifting Location

Sorry for the delay, but the internet at the hotel was out yesterday. On Wednesday Bill and I finished up our time at the Larnaka Museum, for the moment anyway. We put in a long day since Wednesday is the day we are allowed to work at the museum until 5:00 or so. The plan was to finish up the cataloging in the morning, break for lunch and then spend an hour or so cleaning up our workspace and organizing it for our 2 colleagues, DavidDSCN2979 Pettegrew and Dallas Deforrest, who are coming in Monday to work some more on the artifacts. As usual, we underestimated how long it would take and we were actually down to the wire before we able to pull out and head to our new location. We also shot a short video on one of the ceramic issues we worked on and I have been trying to post it to Youtube, but my internet connection has not been strong enough for long enough to get the video uploaded.

Once we finished our work, we headed out to Polis. We have been invited to work with a group of specialists who have been working on the massive amounts of material collected over the years at the site of Polis, ancient Marion/Arsinoe. The drive from Larnaka to Polis took about 2 hours, but was a pleasant drive since there was hardly any traffic on the road. Our new hotel has a pretty fabulous view of the Mediterranean and Polis is a very scenic location.

I did get the chance to try some new potato chips yesterday, Goldies Bacon Extreme. Bacon, should have been great right? Everybody likes bacon. Well, not this time. They were, in my opinion, not very good at all. I would give this flavor only a *(1) out of 10.


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