Basket Handles and More Basket Handles

DSCN2970So, today I worked on sorting out a particular ceramic issue – our basket handles. We found a lot of this one particular type of handle that dates from the seventh to fourth centuries BC. It looks like at PKAP we have found about 60 of these, and so I laid most of them out on a table and with Bill’s help we sorted them into different groups based on their shape and color. Doing this sort of thing is actually one of the parts of being a ceramicist I really enjoy. It is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together since you are picking up pieces and comparing them and then putting one down and comparing it to another – sort of like looking for two interlocking jigsaw pieces.

Bad news on the potato chip front, we worked right through break and so I did not get the chance to try out a new flavor. So, will see what I can find tomorrow.


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