Visit to Dhekelia

Today was our required visit to the British base at Dhekelia. The site of Pyla-Koutsopetria lies within the confines of one of the two British bases (Dhekelia) on the island. This is bothDSCN2939 good and bad. The plus side is that the land has been undeveloped and as a result our site has been protected. The down side is that we are limited in our access to the site because it lies near a grenade range, a rifle range, and a golf course. When the ranges are being used for training, we are not allowed into the area for our safety. Each season we have an introductory meeting with a group from the base who oversees our work and we talk to them about our plans and what we hope to accomplish. The meeting went well and it was a pleasant morning, nice and cool for a change. Then it actually became overcast and started to rain, and rained on and off all day.

DSCN2942Today’s potato chip research was on Lay’s Cream Cheese and Bacon. Surprisingly, that is exactly what it tasted like, even Bill agreed with that. The taste was actually not bad and sort of enjoyable. My judgment……a ******(6) out of 10.


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  1. Susan Caraher says:

    I’m quite partial to salt and vinegar, myself. I do miss the vast number of flavor choices.

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