Cyprus Day 1

So, today went quite well. The Larnaka District Archaeological Museum staff seemed to be DSCN0001expecting us, and we were able to go out to see our stored artifacts at Terra Ombra with no trouble at all. We (Bill and I) started the season off by looking for specific artifacts and checking to make sure that they matched their database entry, and surprisingly we were able to find all the items fairly quickly. After that, we went through the artifacts that had been pulled for cataloguing last year but were never catalogued, and prioritized them for cataloguing this summer. So, a very successful day. Still trying to get get over a mild case of jet lag and adjusting to the heat.


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1 Response to Cyprus Day 1

  1. Nick says:

    Nice! Did you take your iPad? Have you seen GradeBook Pro? Looks very nice.

    Hot and sunny here at the moment.

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