Important Side Project

One important side project that I am investigating this summer is trying to see how many different flavors of potato chips I can try. Actually this is a continuation of last year’s project, where I tried flavors such as paprika, ketchup, mustard, prawn cocktail, roasted chicken with lemon, etc. So far, this summer I have tried the standard flavors: prawn cocktail, barbecue, salt and vinegar, and cheese and onion. I have also branched out and tried: Mediterranean Herb, Greek Salsa, Argentinean Steak, and English Cheese on Toast. So far, my ratings (on a scale of 1-10) are:

  • Argentinean Steak — ***** (5)
  • Barbecue — ******** (8)
  • Cheese and Onion — *** (3)
  • English Cheese on Toast — ***** (6)
  • Greek Salsa — **** (4)
  • Mediterranean Herb — ****** (6)
  • Prawn Cocktail — ********** (10)
  • Salt and Vinegar — ******* (7)

More to follow.


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