Rent your Textbooks

I spent some time surfing at the Barnes & Noble website today, looking at their e-reader the Nook. I have been looking at eReaders desperately trying to figure out which to get. I want to use one in Cyprus when I am looking at ceramic forms, so I need to be able to upload pdfs. What got me going today was a CNN story about the gadgets unveiled at the CES, such as the QUE proreader. In looking around, I ran across a press release that announced Barnes & Noble’s intention to enter in the textbook rental business. The release said that:

  • “Textbook rentals are increasingly becoming a popular option for students looking to reduce their educational expenses.  Rented textbooks save students more than 50% of the cost of buying a new, printed textbook.”

I have to wonder, does this include the amount a student makes when they resell the book? In essence, students have been renting textbooks for years.


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