Second Life Advising

Penn State’s online campus (Penn State World Campus) now is requiring advisors to be available in Second Life for meeting students face-to-face, so to speak.

  • “Students on the real campus get to chat with their advisers face to face. Now online students who never set foot there can do the “exact same thing,” says Shannon Ritter, social-networks adviser for the Penn State World Campus.”

It is always interesting to me how uneven knowledge of Second Life is, some people and schools are really into it ,while other groups of people have never heard of it or only heard bad things. I asked the students in my Intro to History class how many of them had heard of Second Life and only 2 of them had. Of the two, only 1 had ever tried SL and he only visited there once. So, I asked them all to explore SL and to see if they could find history related SL sites – I’ll know the results tomorrow.


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