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Moving Fast

Project members are working hard and the days are flying by. One milestone that tells me that the end of the project is fast approaching is the ritual of taking of our group photo. I always insist on the project … Continue reading

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Gigapan Test Photo

I took my first gigapan photo a few days ago, but was not able to get around to processing it until last night. It is at A smaller version is below, but to get the full effect of zooming in … Continue reading

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Slight Museum Setback

My goal for the day was to work on pottery discovered during the 1993 excavation at Pyla-Koutsopetria which is stored at the Larnaka District Archaeological Museum, but I hit a small setback….well a substantial one. As I approached the museum … Continue reading

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Museum work versus Fieldwork

One of the more difficult logistical issues we face is the balancing of fieldwork versus museum work. For PKAP, this is made even more difficult by the fact that we work on land owned by the British base and are … Continue reading

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