Work, work, and more work

It has been a busy few days. It always gets hectic when we approach the end of the season. Yesterday I did some GPS work and some GPR work. This gave me the great idea (at least I thought so) to refer to my group by a nickname. So I came up GPR + GPS + RSMoore = Team GPRSMoore. I thought that was great, nobody else seemed to appreciate the play on letters that this was – I can only assume the heat was affecting their sense of humor. Today I worked at the museum reading pottery. In the afternoon, I even washed pottery – something I have not don in a while.Pottery washing is a non-stop, perpetually ongoing process for the project. It involves sitting by a bucket of water and gently cleaning pottery sherds with a toothbrush – not a task most people enjoy doing. Anyway, my Zune batteries had died, so I sat there by myself in the silence washing pottery. It was a Zen-like experience, allowing me to relax and focus only on cleaning up the sherds. I was abl to relax and enjoy the afternoon…..Then, after only about 15 minutes, my back started hurting from bending over the bucket and I remembered why I don’t usually wash pottery. I quickly finished up my bucket and went back to reading pottery.


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