Slight Museum Setback

My goal for the day was to work on pottery discovered during the 1993 excavation at Pyla-Koutsopetria which is stored at the Larnaka District Archaeological Museum, but I hit a small setback….well a substantial one. As I approached the museum this morning, I noticed that there were signs up at the gate, which was still locked – not a good sign. I went around back and found that the

back gate was unlocked and eventually discovered that the technicians at many museums in Cyprus were on strike for several hours (until 11:30) – including the Larnaka museum. When I located the staff, they were sitting outside the museum on a bench talking and reading the newspaper. I hoped that they might be persuaded to get me the key I needed to open the storage room where the pottery was stored, but they made it clear that while they were sorry about the situation, I would need to come back after 11:30. My original plan was for me to work only until 12:30 so that I could make it back to the hotel for lunch and then go into the field in the afternoon to help my colleague from IUP’s anthropology department, Dr. Beverly Chiarulli, with the GPR (ground penetrating radar). Instead, I switched places with Bill who was going to take the IUP World tour to visit the sites of Amathous, Kolossi, and Kourion so that he could work on GIS work in the morning and then help Bev with the GPR. So, I fell behind on artifact analysis, but we got work done in other areas.


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