Interesting Survey

A recent article in Wired Campus (Mobile Surveys at Different Colleges Produce Mixed Signals) had very interesting results about 2 surveys on students and their mobile devices. In the first one at Ball State University, 27% of the students owned a smartphone, which is 8% higher than the national average for working adults. While this may seem positive, especially for companies developing educational applications for these smartphones, the second one at the University of New Hampshire had a very different view of things.

When asked about how they used their cellphones, the top results were

  1. talking – 91%
  2. text-messaging – 87%
  3. as an alarm clock – 80%

When they were asked about the capabilities they wanted most in future cellphones, the top responses were:

  1.  longer battery life – 86%
  2. waterproof devices – 81%

The features that smartphones are best know for (listed below) all finished last.

  • Internet access
  • email
  • instant messaging
  • video messaging
  • GPS


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