Branching Out

It has been spring break week for me and there were many things I needed to work in order to catch up (grading, curricular matters, departmental stuff, etc.). As is my usual, however, I failed to find time to work on them (so far) and instead focused on items that were a bit more relaxing. On the bright side, I got a chance to do some things I wanted to do and one of those things might actually turn out to be beneficial in the long run. For 2 days this week I was able to participate in training sessions that taught me how to use a Geoscan FM 256 Fluxgate Gradiometer. While my main function on PKAP has been as a ceramicist, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to branch out a bit and see if I could develop some ability in other areas – in case I am phased out out of the project. It is clear that mastering this geophysical device is going to take some work on my part to become even marginally proficient. We have some more training to do next week in the field so I will the chance to see if I have any ability in the area of geophysical survey.

Quick thought, if you get the chance, check out Rome – The Imperial Fora: Archaeological News, Excavations & Discoveries. It is a nice collection of items dealing with the Roman Forum.


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