PKAP Season Looming

I am on break this week, even though I have been into the office every day so far and plan to go in tomorrow also. It dawned on me today that the first PKAPers will be arriving in Cyprus in only 75 days. This was a sobering realization, since so far this off-season I have felt like we have had a really good handle on things for summer 09. Now that I know we only have 75 days, I am starting to have my doubts and feel like we are falling behind. There are several issues contributing to this: 1) the project keeps growing larger each year, for example this fieldseason the project will consist of  probably 32 people, and don't get me wrong – this is a good thing, but the degree of difficulty in managing logistics is growing exponentially, or so it seems; 2) my co-directors and I seem to have less time for planning in the off-season since committee and departmental work seems to grow each year. I keep waiting for it to decrease, but that will never happen. Anyway, what this means is that I need to contact Bill and David and set up either a Second Life meeting or some other videoconference to discuss PKAP "stuff."


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