More Equipment

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have been thinking a lot about equipment needs for PKAP this summer. Since I am always interested in trying out new equipment, some might even say obsessed, I like to keep an eye out for items that we might be able to buy or borrow. A few months ago, Bill Caraher sent me an email with a link to a site that features a camera mount for creating panoramic images. This system, the GigaPan Epic System, allows you to create a gigapixel image that is amazing. I have to admit when I visited the site that I was very impressed with it – the photos on display are spectacular. I realized at once that PKAP desperately needs such a system, or maybe I do. I have been experimenting with attempts at panoramic images using various stitching programs with some success (see below), but would like to create better ones. I have been trying to figure out to come up with the money to purchase one, and finally think I have found a small internal grant at IUP that will allow me to do that. If and when I get it, I will test it out and post some images here.


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