Ancient History Blogs and the AIA

Wow, this semester has hit me hard, and it seems that I already have no time. I returned from the AIA on Sunday and classes began Monday morning. The AIA provided me the opportunity to talk to some people I haven’t talked to in a while. The poster session went pretty well, except for once again realizing that standing next to a poster for 4 hours is tiring, boring, and tiring. I was glad to hear others, especially younger people, comment on how tiring standing in one place can be. On the PKAP front, it was very productive. We had several meetings with different groups of people as we planned for the summer. It seems that this year the project is going to involve more than 30 people and I actually feel pretty good about the upcoming season, even with the continued expansion of the project. Each year we get a little better at planning and logistics – showing that practice makes perfect. In addition to the traditional fieldwork, we also have some possibilities for a couple of new digital projects, as we explore them, I’ll share them with you. 


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