Email Etiquette

One of the nice things about the semester break is the way my email inbox stops filling up, I go from about 100 messages a day down to less than 10. On one hand, it is nice since fewer emails means less work. On the other hand it is disconcerting to check my email after a few hours and not have nay new messages, it seems strange. This means that the emails I receive get a closer scrutiny and I realize that many students know next to nothing about email etiquette. I looked on the IUP website and found only a few pages that offered any advice on email etiquette and it was often outdated or brief. I started looking on the web and realized some schools do a decent job, such as Purdue, but that many do not. So I started wandering, is this a skill we expect students to learn before entering college? Or should it be one we work on when they arrive? I have colleagues I know who could use a refresher in email etiquette, so perhaps it is a skill that needs brushing off occasionally which means we should incorporate it into our classes.


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