Facebook/MySpace Danger?

I hate to sound like an old man wary of change, but I usually try to warn each of my classes about the danger that the Internet could pose to them if they aren’t careful. There have been numerous accounts of how postings on the web, particularly on Facebook/MySpace, have caused people problems with employers, schools, and even the law. A case in point was the Millersville University student who was denied a degree in education because of a photo and text on her MySpace page. I try to point out to my students that you have to be careful when you post things since they can come back to haunt you in many different ways. There is also the concern that just because you delete a page, post, or email doesn’t mean that it is truly gone. One of my classes argued with me about this claiming that what they did on their own time was their business and should have no impact on them. I pointed out to them that while that should be true, that they needed to be able to separate the theoretical from the practical. I also suggested they read the article “Unrepentant on Facebook? Expect Jail Time” on CNN.com.


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