A Better Search Engine

A new project is underway to create a better search engine. The project’s webpage says that it:

  • “Reference Extract is envisioned as a web search engine, like Google, Yahoo and MSN. However, unlike other search engines, Reference Extracts will be built for maximum credibility by relying on the expertise and credibility judgments of librarians from around the globe. Users will enter a search term and get results weighted towards sites most often referred to by librarians at institutions such as the Library of Congress, the University of Washington, the State of Maryland, and over 1,400 libraries worldwide. This grant will support planning for Reference Extract and building the foundation necessary to implement it as a large-scale, general user service.”

The project is a joint project of the University of Washington, OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), and Syracuse University. While this is an intriguing idea, I have to believe that it will be hard to dislodge Google from its perch at the top of search engines.


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