About Time for Another Rant

Well, it has been a while since I expressed my, shall we say, anger about an issue. Today’s topic deals with SW Pennsylvania. People living here have the curious habit of when they are trying to order food in a fast food restaurant, they try to form one single line about 10 feet from the registers and then go to the next available register. This is especially apparent in the local McDonalds near campus. At lunch recently, about 30 people were waiting to order and they were all bunched in front of the door with this 10 foot gap between them and the 4 working registers. People literally could not get into the restaurant because of this bizarre desire to be waited upon in the exact order people entered the register. Why can they not form 4 lines like in almost every other McDonalds world-wide? There are other fast food restaurants that cordon off a single line that then goes to multiple registers – Wendy’s springs to mind. But there is no effort at the McDonalds to help form an organized line, it is left to be an unruly mob. What really bothers me is that this behavior is not consistent. People do not do this at the grocery store, instead they choose a line. Or at the gas station, when the pumps are all occupied, they pull their car into a specific line instead of forming a single waiting line. Or at the car wash….I could go on, but better stop since it is making me angry just thinking about it.


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