IUP Students Buck Trend

In following up my blog from yesterday, I surveyed my class today on whether they wanted to meet with their professors using on-line chat and was met with mainly confused looks and disbelieving stares. Only a couple of students raised their hands. To check this out further, I will survey a different class tomorrow. I also realize that a survey of one of my history classes is not a scientifically conducted survey and is not a true random sample of the IUP student population, but since I am lazy let’s assume it is. Now, this means that IUP students (or at least history majors) do not feel as strongly about their professors being available on-line to them. Does this mean that IUP students are not as technologically savvy as students at other institutions? Possibly. Does it mean that IUP students are not as eager to deal with their professors outside of the classroom? Also a possibility. Or, as one person who read my blog yesterday suggested to me, does it call into question the original survey which was done by CDW-G, a company that sells technology to institutions of higher learning? More investigation is needed.


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