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I recently saw an article that has left me a bit puzzled. The article, Dear Professor, Students Want to Chat With You, states that in a recent survey released by CDW-G 39% of college students claim that they want the opportunity to have online chats with their professors. The follow up survey to this says that while this may be the case, only 23% of college IT staff say that their university has the capability to provide that sort of student-faculty interaction. I have to admit I find this a bit hard to believe, mainly because so few students take advantage of office hours. Would it be different if I held my office hours online? And what would be the best way to do this, since my university does not have specialized software to help with this, at least as far as I am aware. I need to do some more exploration on this – I will start tomorrow by taking a survey of my students to see how they compare to the CDW-G survey.


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