2 Updates

Today is a day for updates: 1) On the personal front, my cast came off my left arm after 5 weeks…….5 long weeks. The cast has been an incredible hindrance, and yes I realize it could have been much worse and that in the big scheme of things it was a minor blip, but it really brought home to me how much I type. The cast on my left wrist kept hitting the control key and causing all sorts of havoc (bolding, centering, deleting, etc.). Anyway, while I still have some work to do to get my range of motion back, it has actually been enjoyable to type again; and 2) An update on the lawsuit filed by Thomas Reuters Inc. against George Mason University over their release of the Firefox plugin (Zotero) which they claim infringes on their software EndNote. Since the announcement of the lawsuit, quite a few bloggers have come out against Thomas Reuters and some sites have even called for a boycott.


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