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Since we are moving into the middle of grant hunting season, I spent last night creating a budget for the upcoming fieldseason – which is still 7 months away. To do a decent job on the budget requires me going through last season’s receipts and trying to figure out our food costs (per person), gasoline usage, supplies, etc. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. After getting a handle on on our previous year’s expenses, I then go through and create a budget for this year based on input from Bill and David on personnel and length of the field season. Then I work up a spreadsheet with all our expenses, broken down by category. This is the hardest part because I need to allow for inflation and the cost of the Euro. Last summer the Euro was $1.57 while we were in Cyprus, but right now it has slid to $1.37. It always goes up in the summer, but how much? The end result of this process, I am now panicking over the amount of money we will need for this summer. At least it is good motivation for looking for grants.


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