A Strange Thing Happened in the Forum

I was recently sight-seeing at the Roman Forum during my stay in Rome. And let me say it was amazing. I was super impressed. Anyway, I was sitting down and resting, I am not young anymore, and took the moment to listen to a personal tour guide talk to her 2 clients. She certainly knew her facts, she kept citing names, dates, lineages, etc. It was one fact after another for 5 minutes. She also periodically quizzed her clients on things she had said earlier in her trip – bet they weren’t expecting that and they did not look like they enjoyed the quizzing. It certainly made it clear to me that facts are important, but you also need analysis and  interpretation. I am sure that these 2 people retained very little of what she said, other than random facts.She needed to provide perspective.

After a while she ran them off to another area of the forum and I was left alone to contemplate. It was very peaceful, I was in a deserted area under a tree and looking across the forum and trying to imagine what it was like in Roman times. Then, in the back of my mind I heard music and realized it was the opening song from the Daniel Day Lewis film, Last of the Mohicans – as played on the pan flute no less. I will admit that I am a big fan of the movie and soundtrack, but it was bizarre hearing it in Rome surrounded by Roman antiquities. It turns out that street performers using large speakers had set up on the street above me, but until I realized that it was a surreal moment.


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