Slowed Down

My work this week has been slowed by a broken wrist. The doctor put a cast on me and it has really hampered my computer work. My cast keeps hitting the alt button which then causes all sorts of chaos for my typing. Things have been moving ahead in SL on various fronts. First, on Friday, we had a SL meeting for IUP Archaeology Island. We made plans for finishing off the island and are shooting for a grand opening in November. Second, we met and talked about a new project that will feature various Roman and Greek buildings in a holodeck – this is slated for completion in April 09. Third, I started the process for purchasing an island for my college – a few hurdles to go, but at least we are making progress on acquiring it. Finally, I went into SL and looked for a cast to match my real world cast. I had no luck, but did find a sling.


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