PKAP Data Work

Well, the PKAP off-season has begun in earnest. We have several projects we have started. One that I am focusing on is data collection and organization. PKAP acquired space on a new server that went online yesterday. This new server is using a web interface that allows me to assign ids, passwords and permissions. Prior to this we had to rely on IUP server space and they did not like giving access to non-IUP personnel, a majority of PKAP’s staff – actually I am the only IUP affiliated PKAP staff member. This new space gives us the chance to bring all of our data into one central place and will  allow us to become better organized. I am currently trying to upload all the PKAP photos I have on cds, dvds, and on various drives/computers. This has been a much slower process than I expected since I keep finding unlabeled cds with photos on them. This has actually been a lot of fun since the server is very clean and I can upload the photos into a well-thought out directory file system, though the novelty is wearing off.


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