4 Day School Week

CNN.com has a short article by John Zarella entitled "Four-day work week gets A+ at college." The article examines how Brevard Community College went to a four day work/school week and saved $267,000 in energy costs. This also saved students money and improved attendance in class and at work (at the college). Augusta Technical College is employing a similar tactic by having students attend classes on campus for 4 days, but then attend class on Friday via computer (Chronicle article).  I remember an article from last year, or the year before, in the Chronicle that looked at how students preferred a four day week – no Friday classes is always popular. In fact, many students I know already participate in a 4 day school week, even if they are registered for Friday classes. What I enjoyed most about the CNN.com article was the fact that Brevard hired 10 more full-time faculty members. I have to applaud this action by a college at a time when other schools are looking for ways to reduce costs and the choice they always make is to reduce the number of faculty and correspondingly raise class sizes.


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