Another Rant

So, today, along with about 600 billion other people, I took my family to the Pittsburgh Zoo. While I enjoyed the day, I was left with 2 issues that I want to rant about. First issue: people who drive like they have all day to reach their destination. I am not advocating speeding, but I got behind several cars who evidently were in no hurry to complete their journey, no matter how many cars were held up behind them. What I can’t figure out about these people is that they drive the same speed no matter what the speed limit is. Most of these people drive about 40 miles an hour, when the speed limit is 25, 35, 45, or 55. So they speed through town, but then drive slowly out of town – what is the deal?

Issue 2: strollers. As a parent with 2 children, I have used and appreciated the value of strollers when visiting places with small children. BUT, it seems that people who use strollers today are evidently told when they purchase their stroller that when they are pushing their strollers that everyone else is legally obligated to get out of their way or it is ok to run them over. My favorite pose today was the parent turning their stroller sideways to block the path and then stepping back to take a digital photo – and the camera had to be held at arm’s length to function for some reason.And the worst was the double stroller, which seems to be about 12 feet wide. What is going through a person’s mind to choose this doublewide – why not the model with one child in the front and one in the back? All I am saying is that if you use a stroller, show some consideration for other people – is that too hard?


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