Archaeology and Blogging

I received my email from The Wired Campus today and it had an article entitled "Point and Click Archaeology." The article discusses how undergraduates from UCLA will write blogs this summer about their experience on 7 different archaeological projects. I have to admit that I was struck by several different thoughts. On one hand, I am happy to see that archaeology is making use of new technologies, if you can call blogging a new technology. On the other hand, the article seems to imply how new and innovative this is, and yet PKAP has been doing this for the last 2 summers with staff, graduate students, and undergraduates all contributing to the PKAP blogging experience. Bill Caraher has been the driving force behind this and has overseen this aspect of our summer fieldwork and continues to expand it each summer – for example, this summer he added podcasts. I have to admit that participating in the blogging forces you to think about what you are doing on the project in a different light and really adds to the experience in a very meaningful way.


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