Fieldwork finally over

We finished fieldwork up today. We also finished up most of our labwork at the museum. We still need to finish up some of our logistical things over the weekend – clean the cars, organize our supplies that we are leaving at the museum, box up our kitchen stuff, etc. We are also going to the CAARI workshop tomorrow in Nicosia to present a paper on our season’s work. This is always a nice event where we get a chance to mingle with other archaeologists on the island and see what everyone else is up to. The archaeological community on Cyprus is actually quite small and everyone seems to get along with everyone else. In fact, several of the other projects have helped us out with critical information and or supplies when we needed it, particularly when we first started working on the island. It is hard to believe the season is almost over. On one hand it feels like I arrived yesterday, on the other hand, however, it feels like this season has been longer than previous ones.


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