Things Heating Up

Things are heating up here at PKAP. We have only a few days of work left and alot that we want to accomplish. We have finished all of our survey, excavation, and GPS work. What is left is tying up loose ends – pottery analysis, photography, illustration, and analysis. The two biggest tasks are writing our final report before we leave the island and creating our CAARI conference paper – which is due Saturday. The next few days will be quite hectic. We also have to deal with logistics. For example, people are starting to leave and in order to save money we are consolidating rooms, which as you might expect, creates a lot of chaos. It looks like we are timing our fieldwork, weather-wise, pretty well this year. While it has been hot and sunny, it has been very reasonable. The last two days, however, have been very hot and still, reaching temperatures of nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


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