T minus 9

There are only 9 more days left before I leave Cyprus. We are trying very hard to get things to start winding down so that we can leave everything well organized for next year. Our first group of departees leave tomorrow – Susan Caraher and Brandon Olson. Then early next week we lose three more people. When we reach the point in the project when people start to leave, we always do 2 things: 1) We take a group photo; and 2) We have a farewell dinner. For the group photo, we used the steps on the museum and I took the photos, so it not being great is my fault. For a farewell dinner we used to go out and the project would pay for the meal at a local restaurant. due to our size and the poor value of the dollar, we decided to try something different this year. We are going to have a pizza party on the roof. We have arranged for a local pizza place to deliver some pizzas and breadsticks, while we are providing the soft drinks. After dinner, we ill probably go down to the beach since it is the first night of Cataclysmos and eat ice cream or loukamades………and maybe try out the bumper cars again.


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